Personnel outstaffing in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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The company “Outstaffing Partners Group” offers you a service for the withdrawal of staff for the company’s staff (outstaffing). Our company is a part of HR UNION, combining such projects as the newspaper “Career +”, the business network, the annual Job Fair and the HRC recruiting company, which provide various services in the personnel sphere at the highest level.

Our clients


HP Enterprise Services

General Motors Manufacturing and Labor

Since 2010 HR Union has been assisting Hewlett-Packard in personnel recruitment and human resource management for projects of HP in Uzbekistan primarily supporting the General Motors Client. This company provides high quality and flexible of business solutions and shows client-oriented approach in its work.

Timothy C. Hopson

Regional Launch Leader – IO Asia Pacific

Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd

Quaker  Chemical Company has been successfully cooperating with HR Union on outstaffing since 2010. HR Union is a leading recruitment company in Uzbekistan and provides services of good quality, high confidentially and with client-oriented approach. In this regard I would like to recommend you HR Union that will assist you in your business challenges using its professionals expertise in human resource management area.

Suzanne Dershem

CMS Consultant

Представительство HoneyWell spol. s.r.o.

Объединение «HR Union» добросовестно и оперативно выполняет обязательства по проекту с 2011 года, благодаря квалификации сотрудников и внимательному отношению к возложенным на них обязанностям. Компания на практике доказывает высокий уровень профессионализма и клиентоориентированности. Мы дорожим длительным сотрудничеством с объединением «HR Union» в сфере аутсорсинга и рекомендуем его как надежного делового партнера.

Адилов Ф.

Руководитель Представительства в Республике Узбекистан


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